China bans radio shows for sexually explicit content

By Xinhua

Beijing : China’s broadcasting watchdog has banned four more radio sex talk shows from the airwaves and announced a hotline for the public to report vulgar radio or television programmes.

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The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) said in a notice on its website Wednesday that the decision was made because the programmes were deemed to be of “low and vulgar tastes” and “too pornographic”.

The four talk shows were broadcast by three provincial-level radio stations in Ningxia, Jiangxi and Shanxi.

“These three radio stations refused to mend their ways despite repeated warnings. Their problems are serious and those responsible should be dealt with,” read the notice.

SARFT also announced a hotline for the public to report vulgar programmes they discover.

Since Sep 5, SARFT has punished seven radio stations for sex talk shows.

The banned programmes dealt with material of an “extreme pornographic nature” and talked about sex lives, sexual experiences, sexual organs and the efficiency of certain drugs for sex.

So far, directors, vice-directors, producers and anchors in five of these radio stations have been either criticized, suspended or transferred from their posts, according to the notice.

Late last year, SARFT warned broadcasters against seeking ratings by relying on vulgar programmes.