Iranian, Pakistani institutions sign MoU on cooperation


Islamabad : The Tehran-based Forum on Proximity among the Islamic Schools of thought and International Islamic University of Islamabad inked Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in the fields of educational and research, a IIUI statement said.

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The International Islamic University was represented by Dr. Anwar Hussain Siddiqui while Iranian side was represented by Hojatoleslam Ali Asghar Owhadi, Deputy Chairman of the Forum on Proximity among Islamic Schools of Thought for cultural affairs.

The Iranian institution will cooperate with the IIUI in organising roundtables for academic and specialised university seminars in Iran and Pakistan.

It will also cooperate with IIUI in the exchange of professors and students within the framework of the academic criteria of the two countries.

The Tehran-based Forum will extend cooperation to the Islamic university in establishing the chair on the teaching of contemporaneous jurisprudence on proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought.

Based on this, presentation of the academic titles, dispatch of professors (one or two persons in each semester), and provision of courses will be the task of the Forum while provision of space for academic studies, absorption of students and meeting the expenditures on the presence of professor including salary and accommodation will be the obligation of the IIUI.

The Forum has the readiness to grant scholarship within the framework of the criteria of the Ministry of Science of the Islamic Republic of Iran, at least to one student at the bachelor’s level, and one student at the masters level annually who are officially introduced by the IIUI for pursuing studies at the university of Islamic Schools of thought in Tehran.

The Iranian institution is ready, on annual basis to organize at least one short-term academic course on the subject of “Proximity among Islamic Schools of thought” for the professor and students introduced by the Islamic university inside Pakistan or Iran.

It extends support to the research programmes and projects of the professors and teachers of the university having subjects related to Islamic proximity and unity within the frame work of the academic criteria of this forum.

It is ready to grant short-term study leave (between one and three months), within the frame of the bylaws on grant of study leave of this forum, to that group professors and students the doctoral course that is inclined to engage in research work on the subject related to proximity among Islamic Schools of thought, and is officially introduced, annually by to a maximum of two persons.

Iranian Forum will financially support, within the framework of its criteria, the doctoral theses of those students who have chosen the subject of their thesis from among the subjects pertaining to proximity and unity among Islamic Schools of thought.

It is ready to offer to group of professors and students who are duly introduced, by the IIUI, all of its cultural products and books with 50% discount, and to provide the introduced professors as permanent subscribers, free of charge, its English, Arabic, Urdu and Farsi publications.

Each one of the foregoing articles, in order to be implemented after procedures, must be drawn up and appended within the framework of the administrative and financial agreement between the representatives of the two parties wherein the obligations and responsibilities of the two parties are duly specified.