Musharraf pledges peaceful Olympic torch relay in Islamabad


Beijing : President Pervez Musharraf on Monday condemned attempts to undermine the Beijing Olympics and said efforts were being made to ensure peaceful holding of torch relay event in Islamabad.

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“We condemn any attempt by anyone to undermine the process of Olympic preparations, especially the Olympic torch (relay),” Musharraf said in response to a question by a student at Tsinghua University here.

Musharraf said, “We have taken all measures to ensure its security…There is not one man in Pakistan who would do anything against the interests of China.”

He said Pakistan condemns any attempt by anyone to disrupt the process of torch relay and create ill will.

President Musharraf lamented attempts by some Western politicians and media to politicize the Olympics by smearing China’s Tibet policy and human rights situation.

“First of all, we consider Tibet an inalienable part of China,” he said. “If at all anyone is harboring or abetting the separatists, we condemn that.”

Musharraf said the human rights and democracy environment of a Western country should not be superimposed onto other countries.

He said in every country, human rights and democracy have to be tailored according to its own dynamics, which China is doing well.

“The basic responsibility of any government is the security of the nation, progress and development, welfare and well-being of its people. Obviously this is being achieved (in China),” Musharraf said.

He called China a typical example of development and progress, welfare and well-being of its people.