India should act responsibly, says Speed


Sydney : Former International Cricket Council (ICC) chief executive Malcolm Speed said that India is a growing power in cricket and should “act responsibly.”

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Speed said that India’s growing clout in world cricket has triggered a fear that they will take over the council in future.

“India’s vote has the same value as Australia’s and the other full member countries. If there is concern about irresponsible use of power, there are processes in place to deal with this, and the other countries should take firm positions and make them clear. I agree with James Sutherland (Cricket Australia’s chief executive) that India should act responsibly, as should all member countries,” Speed was quoted as saying in Sydney Morning Herald.

Speed said cricket’s unique selling point is the passion for the game in India, which is the second-most populous country in the world.

“Cricket’s unique selling point is the passion for cricket by Indians – cricket is the most popular sport by a factor of about 30 in the second-most populous country in the world. This should be seen as a major positive. The game needs to find ways to use that unique selling point. There is too much fear of an Indian takeover and the power of the Indian administrators,” Speed said.

The Australian also said that the ICC should take more players on board.

“There are not enough former top players on the board. Arjuna Ranatunga is a welcome addition. It would be great to see Mark Taylor on the ICC board at some stage. I would like to see a revised board structure with some genuinely independent directors (including women), some former players and three or four directors elected by the ICC members to represent their interests. I do not expect to see it happen,” he said.