It’s a colder Christmas in Delhi than last year


New Delhi : Christmas Eve sure felt colder. And although the fog did lift Thursday morning making way for a bright day, the meteorological department said it was a nippier X’mas for Delhi this year.

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According to an official of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the minimum temperature recorded Thursday morning was seven degree Celsius – a degree below normal.

“Last year on Christmas, the minimum temperature recorded was 10 degree Celsius, while the maximum was 27 degree Celsius,” the official told IANS.

“However, this is not the minimum temperature recorded this winter season. On Dec 13, the temperature had dipped to 6.7 degree Celsius,” he added.

Shalini Malhotra, a student who attended the midnight mass in a north Delhi church along with her friends Wednesday night, said that all complaints of Delhi’s winters not being cold enough this time were resolved the night before.

“It was really cold…piercing your bones – just like Delhi’s winters generally are. Thankfully we were out attending the midnight mass and enjoying ourselves singing carols – that kept our minds distracted, forcing us not to think of our hands and feet freezing in the cold,” she laughed.

“Just the other day, we were talking about how it does not feel like winters. Most of us were roaming around in just our sweatshirts. But with Christmas, the winters are here,” added her friend Caroline Faith.

The weatherman said that the weather would remain more or less the same till the end of this year.

“When the western disturbances are there, temperatures go up – which happened around Dec 20. But now the disturbances are not there, so the temperatures have gone down and will remain the same at least for the next three to four days,” the official said.