AIMMM condemns Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip

By news desk,

New Delhi: The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM), the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, urged the US and world community to stop the current Israeli attacks on Gaza Strip.

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AIMMM has taken “a strong view of the aggression unleashed by the Israeli occupation forces on the Gaza Strip which remains under tight Israeli siege for the last two years in the wake of the democratic election of Hamas-led government.” The latest aggression has already killed 275 Gazans including women and children and injured close to 800 people in an area totally deprived of power, food and medical supplies thanks to the Israeli siege.

“It is Israel which by not lifting the blockade did not honour the truce agreement in the first place. Now it is attacking a civilian population it has systematically starved and impoverished” said Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, President of the AIMMM, in a statement today.

“Basically it is the responsibility of the American administration, which blindly supports Israeli aggression, to stop the current attacks without any delay. The international community too has to shoulder its responsibility to keep the Israeli occupation forces in check since it is this community which has created the Israeli entity and sustained it all these years on another people’s land. It is the legal responsibility of the international community to support the Palestinians who are waging a war of liberation against an occupation force,” the statement said.

Dr Khan has asked the international community to immediately put sanctions on Israel until it accepts umpteen UN resolutions calling for Palestinian rights and end to occupation.