Rs. 2150 cr. tenders floated for Narmada valley irrigation canals

By Pervez Bari,

Bhopal: Under the strategy chalked out by the Narmada Valley Development Authority, (NVDA), to complete the pending Narmada valley projects, tenders worth Rs. 2150 crore have been floated in January alone for works of canals and the process of fixation of construction agencies is continuing on a war-footing.

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Engineers at the NVDA headquarters as well as those in the field are working 12 to 14 hours daily. All the major construction companies are showing interest in the canals’ construction work and are applying with details of their work experience. Construction agencies’ inclination towards these works has been increased due to provision of congenial atmosphere and guarantee of various facilities which include mobilization and machinery advance. As per the work plan, all those preparations would be completed within two months which lead to start of field work from April in the new financial year.

NVDA Deputy chairman Pradeep Bhargava opines that established and competent construction agencies are required to undertake the works of major canals, canal-based tunnels and other major structures with quality and complete the same within the deadline. NVDA has set its construction policy while keeping this under consideration.

Bhargava said that NVDA has taken as challenge the creation of 1,23000 hectare irrigation area from Indira Sagar project, one 1,47000 hectare irrigation area from Omkareshwar project and 2,45000 hectare irrigation area from Bargi diversion project. For this purpose practical changes have been made in tenders and terms and conditions of construction works on one hand and on the other hand a process has been undertaken to assess the interest in work among the engineers of the department as well as their ability and work capacity. After the completion of this process only those engineers would be entrusted these challenging responsibilities who are found capable to doing the same.

NVDA Deputy chairman said that since the aim of the NVDA irrigation projects is to take the water to fields, therefore, construction the irrigation channels right up to the farmers’ fields has also been included in the project apart from construction of major distribution canals. The work of field structures would be effected under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme with a view to giving priority to provision of employment to the needy displaced persons.

Bhargava said that 7,06000 thousand hectare additional irrigation facility would be created after completion of work presently under-construction in Narmada valley. ([email protected])