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Religious scholars ask Karzai to stop missionaries


Kabul : Afghan scholars warned President Hamid Karzai not to allow foreign missions to the country and especially to the far-flung poverty-hit areas in it.

The demand was made in a meeting between the Afghan president and members of the Afghanistan Islamic Council, a pro-government body having the central office in Kabul with its branches in all the provinces.

A statement from the council issued here said the Afghan President should issue orders to stop missionary organisations entering the country and allegedly involved in converting Afghans in the poverty-hit areas to Christianity.

The statement said the council was looking with concern at the activities of some missionary organisations and considered their activities against the Islamic law. They warned of serious consequence if their entry to Afghanistan and preaching was not stopped by the government.
Common Afghans in villages and far-flung areas usually accuse some NGOs of involvement in conversion of poor Afghans to Christianity.

In July last year, Taliban had kidnapped 23 South Korean citizens, who were allegedly accused of preaching Christianity in the western and southern parts of Afghanistan. Two of the Korean missionaries were killed by Taliban terrorists while 21 of them, mostly women, were freed by the Taliban after a secret deal with the Korean government.