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Harikrishna tied for third spot at Reggio Emilia chess


Reggio Emilia : Pentala Harikrishna playing with black pieces held Dutchman Sergey Tiviakov to a draw in the eighth round of the 50th Reggio Emilia Grandmasters chess tournament Saturday. With just one more round to go, Harikrishna has 4.5 points from eight games and is tied for third place.

Harikrishna trails leader Zoltan Almasi of Hungary by a full point. In the ninth and final round the Indian Grandmaster will clash with Russian GM Konstantin Landa.

Earlier Harikrishna, who has just had one win so far, drew his seventh round against Viktor Korchnoi and then against Tiviakov in eighth round in 46 moves.

Half a point behind leader Almasi is Vugar Gashimov of Azerbaijan, who has five points. Harikrishna, Ni Hua of China and Landa are further behind at 4.5 points each.

In the eighth round, the only player to score a decision was Almasi, who grinded out a 58-move win over David Navara of Italy.

In the other matches, Mihail Marin of Romania drew with Korchnoi in 57 moves, while Landa drew with Gashimov in just 23 moves and Michele Godena of France split the point with Ni Hua in 25 moves.