El-Baradei’s visit to Iran to answer questions on Tehran’s necular file


Vienna : IAEA Director-General Mohammed El-Baradei’s visit to Iran at the end of this week will focus on issues regarding the Iranian nuclear file.

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Spokeswoman of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Melissa Fleming said in a statement Monday that El-Baradei would visit Tehran on Jan 11-12, where he would focus on several points regarding Tehran’s nuclear programme.

El-Baradei had affirmed that Iran would not pose a threat to the international community due to the continuation of its nuclear programme.

However, he indicated that Iran must answer questions regarding its nuclear activities in accordance with the IAEA-Tehran agreement signed last summer.

The upcoming two months are going to be very decisive, El-Baradei stated, adding that if Iran cooperates with the IAEA, then the agency would have to announce the peaceful propose of the programme to the world.

An IAEA report lauded Iran’s uncovering of its nuclear activities back in November, but warned Iran from continuing uranium enrichment operations.

El-Baradei stated in the report that the IAEA was allowed to meet with specific Iranian officials running the country’s nuclear programme, but the cooperation was limited to answering questions and did not progress further on.

The report did not satisfy the US which called for more international sanctions on Iran through the United Nations’ Security Council (UNSC) if Tehran does not fully reveal the purpose of its nuclear programme to the world.