Iraqi policeman killed in two coordinated suicide bomb attacks

By Xinhua

Tikrit, Iraq : A double suicide bomb attacks targeted a police checkpoint in a town in Salahudin province on Tuesday, killing a policeman and wounding eight people, a provincial police source said.

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The first attack occurred when a suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest approached the checkpoint in the town of Sherqat, 280 km north of Baghdad, and blew himself up, the source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

The suicide bomber failed to hit his target after the policemen, manning the checkpoint, ordered him to stop, he said.

As security forces rushed to the scene, another suicide bomber driving an explosive-laden truck approached the checkpoint, but the policemen opened fire on the truck before reaching them and blew it up, the source said.

The second attack resulted in the killing of a policeman and the wounding two others and six civilians, he added.

The two attacks apparently targeted Colonel Ismail al-Jubouri, a police chief of the town, who is leading the local security forces, including the anti-al-Qaida groups named Awakening Councils, he said.

But Jubouri, who was at the scene during the attacks, survived unhurt, he added.