Israeli security Wall and settlements will create more grievances: India


New Delhi : India Friday said that the ongoing construction of the security wall and the expansion of Israeli settlements will lead to creation of more grievances in the Middle East.

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Minister of State for External Affairs E. Ahamed said this at a seminar to mark the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People organised by the Indian Council for World Affairs.

“The continued expansion of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories and the relentless construction of the separation wall threatens to create new facts on the ground and fresh grievances in an old conflict,” said Ahamed.

He asserted “the whole world is a witness to the manner in which the border restrictions, economic sanctions and a restrictive regime have brought the Palestinian economy to the verge of a collapse.”

Further, he added that India “viewed with alarm the continuous vicious circle of attacks, reprisal and counter-attacks, the worsening humanitarian and security situation in Gaza, as well as the continued violence inflicted on innocent citizens”.

Asserting that there was “no military solution”, Ahamed said India supported the revival of direct negotiations between the leaders of Israel and Palestine”.

The minister pointed out that India was ready to play its “due role in the collective endeavour of the international community to strengthen the forces of peace and stability in the region”.

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador Saleh Mohammed Al-Ghamdi also said India, “having good relations with both Palestine and Israel, can play an important role in the endeavour”.