Over 4,000 survivors in Myanmar cyclone-hit area provided with healthcare

By Xinhua,

Yangon : A total of 4,249 survivors in Mawlamyinegyun, one of the cyclone-hard-hit areas in Ayeyawaddy delta, have been provided with healthcare by the government’s mobile medical team serving on board a vessel, the official newspaper New Light of Myanmar reported Monday.

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The 4,249 cyclone victims in the area’s 29 storm-ravaged villages included 823 children, 332 patients with eye complaints, 269 with dental disease, 270 suffering from mental illness and 2,555 general patients, said the report.

The team comprising specialists from the Ministry of Health had provided such medical care to the victims since early this month.

Meanwhile, the Myanmar Medical Association (MMA) has appealed to local private doctors to voluntarily provide long-term free medical care to victims of deadly cyclone Nargis.

MMA has carried out free health care services in storm-hit areas in two divisions of Ayeyawaddy and Yangon and over 585 doctors and specialists from other parts of the country have provided treatment to 22,784 patients during their 38 trips to the cyclone-hit regions last month, according to earlier reports.

In the post-Nargis period, dozens of international medics were allowed in Myanmar to render medical services to the cyclone victims. These medics include those from Thailand, India, Laos, China, Bangladesh, Singapore, the Philippines, France, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, a total of 21,834 storm victims were exposed with carrying tuberculosis (TB) virus two months after the disaster following field trips to the storm-hit areas by over 500 experts, according to the MMA.

However, there were no reported outbreak of other contagious and epidemic diseases in the storm-hit areas.

During the early post-Nargis period, a total of 206,039 storm patients had received medical treatment a month after the cyclone storm hit the country.

Deadly tropical cyclone Nargis, which occurred over the Bay of Bengal, swept five divisions and states on last May 2 and 3, killing 84,537 people, leaving 53,836 missing and 19,359 injured, according to the latest official death toll.