Al-Qaeda commander claims responsibility for Danish embassy bombing

By Xinhua,

Islamabad : The attack on Denmark embassy in Islamabad in June was made by al-Qaeda, said an al-Qaeda commander in an interview with Pakistan’s private TV channel late Monday night.

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A car bomb was detonated in front of the Danish Embassy in Islamabad on June 2, killing at least eight people and injuring 24others.

The commander of al-Qaeda Mustafa Abul Yazid, 53-year-old commander also known as Sheikh Saeed, made the remarks in an exclusive talk with journalist Najeeb Ahmed in a Geo TV program.

The text story about the interview, considered as the first detailed one of any al-Qaeda leader during the last five years, was posted on the Geo’s website on Tuesday.

The al-Qaeda commander’s interview with Geo was said to have been conducted at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan.

Yazid told the TV channel that his organization is being organized in Afghanistan and would very soon capture all Afghanistan.

Al-Qaeda is doing jihad against America as it is murdering the innocent Muslims, Yazid said.

Yazid is an Egyptian Islamic militant and the current al-Qaeda commander of operations in Afghanistan.