Iran, IAEA to enhance cooperation to highest level


Tehran : Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency will enhance cooperation to the highest level in line with the Safeguards Agreement.

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Deputy Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organisation, Mohammad Saeedi told IRNA that the Islamic Republic will undoubtedly continue with high level cooperation with the UN agency.

Everything will go on within the framework of the Safeguards Agreement and on the basis of mutual agreement, he noted.

On visit to Vienna of head of IAEO, Reza Aqazadeh, he said the visit had been postponed previously.

Aqazadeh and the IAEA Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei, started talks behind closed doors in Vienna on Thursday.

The two senior officials discussed Iran’s nuclear program and the outcome of Tehran’s latest talks with the Group 5 1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) over its nuclear standoff with the West.

The talks were held in Geneva, Switzerland, on July 19 by Saeed Jalili of Iran and the EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana.

The US Undersecretary of State William Burns, the third-highest US diplomat, was also present in the meeting in a major shift from a longstanding policy.

Saeedi further noted that the UN nuclear watchdog is making its routine and regular inspection over Iran’s nuclear installations.

The inspections are carried out on the basis of the Safeguards Agreement, he added.

Asked whether ElBaradei has made any special suggestion, Saeedi said nothing special has been proposed.

What were important for ElBaradei were Iran-G 5 1 talks for reaching a desirable outcome, he added.