Democrats Abroad to launch voter registration in India


New Delhi : Democrats Abroad-India (DAI) Tuesday announced the launch of its voter registration on Aug 2 in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai that will enable US citizens to register their absentee ballots at these cities.

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Stressing the right of all Americans living in India to register and vote, Democrats Abroad-India is also promoting a non partisan voting assistance website where citizens can download their absentee ballot request forms.

“The excitement of Barack Obama’s vision of change for our country has caught up with Americans abroad, and we are doing our part to put him into the White House,” said Carolyn Sauvage-Mar, chair of Democrats Abroad-India.

“We cannot afford a third Bush term with John McCain. Under Democratic leadership, we can restore US credibility abroad, end the war in Iraq, protect the principles of our Constitution and ensure economic fairness at home.”

“There are tens of thousands of US citizens residing in India who may not be aware that they have a voice through their ballot, who are not yet registered to vote. We are here to tell them that they can easily vote by visiting the site to request their absentee ballot,” said Sara Shah, the chapter’s chair in Bangalore.

Overseas ballots were important in cementing the margins of victory for senators Jim Webb in Virginia and Jon Tester in Montana in 2006 and handing control of the US Senate to the Democratic Party, said DAI in a statement.

Founded in 1964, Democrats Abroad is the official overseas branch of the Democratic Party of the US.

With members in more than 160 countries around the globe, Democrats Abroad holds eight positions on the Democratic National Committee and sends a voting delegation to the Democratic National Convention to select the presidential candidate.

Carolyn Sauvage-Mar, an elected delegate, will travel to Denver in August to participate in the convention.