Pins sell the best in the Olympic Village

By Xinhua,

Beijing : Shiny lapel pins of various themes have emerged the most popular buys in the Olympic Village.

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There is only one official licensed products store in the Olympic Village. And everyday hundreds of Olympic villagers pour in, choosing different kinds of souvenirs for their friends and relatives.

Wang Ze, salesman of the store, told Xinhua here Wednesday that there were over 3,000 kinds of commodities in the store but nearly one-third of the daily sale came from lapel pins.

“We have about 300 different kinds of (lapel) pins with various themes, like Beijing Opera, Chinese snacks, Olympic venues, mascot and various sports. The daily sale can reach $4,400”, said a smiling Wang, who treated every customer patiently in his pin section.

“Pins about different Olympic sports are very popular. Most athletes would like to buy a set of those on their own sport. The pins can be bought separately or by sets,” Wang added.

Brazilian rower Beltrame Fabiana too confessed her love for the lapel pins. “I like pins very much, and I have a collection of several hundred back home. I want to buy some pins about rowing and the mascots here.”

Like Fabiana, many athletes, and even sports journalists, have their own collection of pins. The Beijing Olympic Village also provides a platform for these enthusiastic collectors to show their collections and trade them.