‘It is impossible that Talwars did not hear Aarushi’s cries’


New Delhi : The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which is probing the murder of Aarushi and her family help Hemraj in Noida, has found that the door of the room in which the teenager was killed was ajar, which puts a question mark on the claims by her parents that they did not hear anything that night.

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Fourteen-year-old Aarushi’s parents – dentists Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar – have told the investigating agency that they could not hear her cries the night she was murdered because of the closed door and noise of the air conditioner.

“During investigations it has been found that the door to Aarushi’s room was not bolted on the night of the incident, as claimed by Talwars,” a CBI official said.

CBI said that it has enough evidence to show that the door was open and also dismisses Talwars’ statement that they pushed open the door May 16.

“It is difficult to digest that the parents could not hear anything that night. Recreating the crime scene has belied their claims,” the official said.

The door to Aarushi’s room was such that it can be close from outside but once closed only she could have opened it from inside. Her mother Nupur used to keep the room’s key under her pillow.

Aarushi was found murdered and her throat slit May 16. The police initially blamed Hemraj but backtracked a day after his body was found on the terrace of Talwars’ apartment a day later.

The police arrested Talwar May 23, accusing him of killing his daughter in a fit of rage as he objected to her closeness to Hemraj. The police had said at the time that he first killed Hemraj and then his daughter.

Talwar was Thursday sent to 14 days judicial custody.

The CBI tried to find answers to the various questions by subjecting Talwar to a lie-detector test. But nothing seems to have come out of the test as the CBI failed to recover the weapon of offence after scouring the drains near Talwars’ Noida apartment.

After failing to dig out the weapon of offence, the CBI is now depending on forensic reports.

During the lie detector test, also known as polygraph test, Talwar was reportedly composed.

“The lie-detector test June 4 was aimed at locating the weapon and to establish the sequence of events. Talwar was composed while answering most of the questions. We have sent for examination the physiological data collected during the test,” an official said.

The CBI has sent blood samples present on the scene of crime, suspected fingerprints, palm prints and other forensic evidence for examination. A forensic report is also awaited on the blood soaked blanket found over the body of Aarushi.

The computer, laptop and some other articles taken from the Talwar house were handed over by the Noida police to the CBI. All the articles have been sent for forensic examination.