Nayeem Khan for return of all Migrants to Kashmir valley

By News Agency of Kashmir

Jammu : Senior leader of Hurriyat Conference (M), Nayeem Ahmad Khan, has appealed to all Kashmiri migrants, particularly Pandits, who had left the valley since 1947, to return to Kashmir.

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In an interaction with Kashmiri Pandit delegations, including the Jammu Kashmir Migrant Forum, J and K Hindu Muslim Sikh Ittehad, and All Migrant Camps Coordination Committee, Khan, Hurriyat leaders Syed Saleem Geelani and others, said that from the outset the Hurriyat had been yearning that all those, be they Muslim or non-Muslim, who had left the valley from 1947, should return and live along with those living in kashmir.

The Hurriyat delegation assured people in the Jammu region that the alliance did not believe in communal politics, and apprised them about the programme of the conglomerate, stressing on the need of the Pandits to return.

“We demand freedom for all not for a particular community”, Nayeem said told News Agency of Kashmir adding that minorities, including the Kashmiri Pandits, were a part of Kashmir culture and that Kashmiris had for all time shown a brotherhood among all communities.

“Kashmir has a history of secularism and we want to take the all communities into together” he said and added Kashmir is a garden having variety of flowers and every one has the right to flourish.