SatNav Technologies launches new navigation solution


Hyderabad : SatNav Technologies, a city-based IT products company, has added laptop and desktop navigation to its range of global positioning system (GPS) products, which are available under the brand SatGuide.

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The company Monday announced the launch of its SatGuide turn-by-turn navigation and planning solution for laptops and desktops, focused on corporate houses.

“This is the first time in the country that such a solution is being launched,” said a company statement here.

The application includes turn-by-turn navigation and routing software bundled with One India map of SatGuide that covers all major cities of the country along with a detailed national/state highway network.

“Sitting in one’s office it is now possible to feed in a start point, end point and get the complete details of distance, time to travel etc. When prior information is available regarding traffic congestion, it is also possible to block those routes and get the most optimum route as an output.”

“Laptop users who are worried about having to carry an additional device when visiting new cities in India or need to plan their route within their own city before leaving office, can load SatGuide on their systems and navigate with ease.”

With the availability of SatGuide for laptops, one can easily find location in real time or choose a start point and steer his way to the destination by attaching an external SatGuide Bluetooth GPS receiver.