Sun plays hide and seek in Delhi springtime


New Delhi : It was yet another pleasant day in the capital, even as the sun played hide and seek behind the clouds and Delhiites enjoyed springtime – mildly warm afternoon, cool morning and nippy evening Tuesday.

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India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast thunderstorms Wednesday in Delhi. The maximum temperature Tuesday was above 30 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature was a little more than 18.

According to the weather department, the maximum temperature would hover around 30 degrees Celsius till Friday.

Most parts of the northern India are also enjoying the warm weather, ahead of hot summer.

However, the weather department said rain or thundershowers were likely to hit Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh during next two or three days from Tuesday.

The Met department also said scattered or fairly widespread rains or thundershowers were likely over south India till Friday.

Even the normally cold Srinagar Tuesday saw temperatures way above normal. The day’s high was 20 degrees Celsius, eight degrees above normal.

The following were the maximum and minimum temperatures and rainfall in major cities for the 24 hours till Monday morning, with figures in brackets denoting deviations from the average.

City Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Rainfall
(C) (C) (mm)

New Delhi 30.2(+2) 18.2(+4) Nil

Mumbai 31.6(+1) 23.3(+4) Nil

Chennai 33.0(+2) 22.5(+1) Nil

Kolkata 34.2(+1) 23.2(+3) Nil

Ahmedabad 36.4(+2) 22.2(+6) Nil

Bangalore 31.2(+1) 18.6(+1) Nil

Bhopal 36.1(+4) 2Nil(+4) Nil

Bhubaneshwar 35.3(+1) 23.5(+3) Nil

Chandigarh 29.0(+2) 17.0(+4) Nil

Dehradun 29.0(+4) 11.8(+1) Nil

Goa 31.9(0) 22.2(0) Nil

Guwahati 30.5(+2) 16.9(+2) Nil

Hyderabad 35.1(+1) 20.8(+2) Nil

Jaipur 31.0(+2) 19.2(+5) Nil

Lucknow 31.8(+1) 17.6(+4) Nil

Nagpur 37.5(+3) 2Nil(+2) Nil

Patna 32.2(+1) 17.3(0) Nil

Pune 35.1(0) 16.8(+3) Nil

Srinagar 20.4(+8) 4.5 (2) Nil

Thiruvananthapurm 32.7(+1) 25.3(+1) Nil