Kidnapped by sadhus, boy returns home after two years

By staff reporter

Bhuj: For a family in this border district of Gujarat, Eid commenced on 12th March, after a gap of one and a half years. Why? Their eldest son Ramiz, 17, who was kidnapped by three sadhus returned home after escaping from their clutch.

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To celebrate his homecoming, his family illuminated the house and the entire colony. And a grand party was thrown.

It was 4th December 2006 when Ramiz did not return home from his tuition. His family started a never-ending search for him. Ramiz was waiting at a juice shop near the busy central bus stand area while getting his cycle fixed, when three bearded sadhus intoxicated him with some fumes. And then he began following them blindly.

At a deserted stretch, the sadhus sprinkled something on him and when he came to his senses, he was at the Haji Ali dargah in Mumbai. There sadhus forced him to beg alms for them. At times the sadhus beat him mercilessly when he failed to collect less than Rs 300 in a day. He was also denied food on those days.

He was never left alone and at night his legs were tied and he was not allowed to sleep alone lest he escaped. After spending six to seven months at the dargah, he was taken to Ahmedabad by train. There too he was forced to beg.

Ramiz was finally taken to Jamnagar and he lied that he knew anyone in the city. Here he mingled with the passengers in the bus and as soon as it reached Jamnagar, he started running towards his maternal grandparents’ house. He must have run for a kilometre when a motorcyclist stopped by and asked him why he was so frightened. When he told him his story, the motorcyclist obliged and he was finally free from the clutches of the sadhus.