Pakistan Party leader vows to restore deposed judges on May 12

By NNN-Xinhua,

Islamabad : Former Pakistani Prime Minister and leader of the ruling coalition Nawaz Sharif announced that all judges sacked by President Pervez Musharraf last November would be restored on May 12.

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Sharif told a news conference at the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore on Friday that a resolution would be tabled in the National Assembly, the lower house of the parliament, to restore around 60 top judges, who were dismissed on Nov. 3, 2007 when Musharraf imposed emergency.

Sharif said that the government would issue a notification to restore the judges after the parliament adopts the resolution.

Sharif said he and leader of the Pakistan People’s Party leader Asif Ali Zardari agreed in talks in Dubai to restore the judges through the parliamentary resolution.

Sharif and Zardari reached the agreement in their three-day talks in Dubai to remove differences over the fate of deposed judges to save the ruling coalition.

Sharif and Zardari announced on March 30 to restore the judges within a month through a parliamentary resolution. But Zardari, who succeeded his late wife Benazir Bhutto as the PPP head, was reluctant to restore the judges under his previous commitment.

Differences has put the coalition at risk but Sharif’s statement has dispelled the impression about the risk to the coalition.

The 30-day deadline for the restoration of judges expired and Sharif had to dash to Dubai to meet Zardari to find out solution to the issue.

Zardari went to Dubai last week to meet his daughters, but his departure had created doubts over his commitment to restore the judges.

PML-N leaders have indicated that they will quit the cabinet if they failed to restore the judges.

Sharif said a committee of senior legal experts had been formed to draft a resolution to restore the judges.

He praised lawyers for rendering sacrifices for the supremacy of judiciary, saying that his PML-N party had made restoration of the judge as a top priority.