Israel arrests 363 Palestinians in West Bank

By Xinhua,

Ramallah : Israeli forces arrested 363 Palestinians in West Bank during April, said a report from the Palestinian Center for Prisoners Defense on Saturday.

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Most of the arrests took place in Nablus city where the army arrested 128 Palestinians last month, according to the report.

The Israeli forces raid West Bank cities and villages almost every night to chase down what they call activists wanted by the state of Israel.

The detentions did not target a specific age or category and “had included all Palestinian citizens,” the report added. During the raids, the Israeli soldiers used police dogs and beat the prisoners, said the report.

The West Bank is administered by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and runs by security forces loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas.

Meanwhile, pro-Abbas forces arrested 80 members of rival Hamas movement in the same month, a report by the Islamic movement said.

“The Palestinian security services rotate roles with the Israeli army forces in the detentions,” Hamas said in the statement faxed to the media.

Hamas also accused the acting government, led by Premier Salam Fayyad, of taking part in the crackdown against its partisans and supporters.

The crackdown on Hamas started when the Islamic movement took over Gaza Strip by force and ousted Abbas’ Fatah movement.