Majority of Germans reject “special responsibility” towards Israel: survey


Berlin : Most Germans oppose what the government terms as a “special responsibility” towards Israel as a result of Nazi-era mass crimes against Jews, according to an opinion poll released Saturday by the ZDF public television network.

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Some 53 percent of those questioned for the survey reject the “special responsibility” towards the illegal Jewish state while 40 percent support the idea and seven percent said they did not know.

Around 65 percent of Germans between the age of 30 and 39 oppose the “special responsibility” towards Israel, while only 29 percent acknowledge it and seven percent were unsure.

Among Germans over the age of 60, some 48 percent said Germany had a special historical responsibility, compared to 45 percent who dismissed it and seven percent who said they did not know.

The latest opinion poll is among a series of surveys which indicate a growing critical stance towards Israel.

The German government is widely regarded as the closest ally of the criminal Zionist regime after the US.

Angela Merkel is viewed as the most pro-Israeli chancellor in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany which interestingly enough came in the wake of a drastic German public opinion shift against Israel, triggered by Israel’s brutal military actions in Lebanon and Gaza in 2006.

The majority of Germans see the USA and Israel as the greatest threat to global peace.

Germans overwhelmingly opposed Israel’s military onslaught in Lebanon and Gaza in the summer of 2006.