Bush Worried about Fuel High Prices

By Prensa Latina,

Washington : US President George W. Bush assured he was worried because of the increase of fuel prices, while he rejected the proposal to end the federal tax on fuel during summer.

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Bush said the solution for the fuel crisis is not so easy, since the problem is suffered by working families.

However, his propositions are based on the construction of new refineries, nuclear plants and perforations in Alaska, and not in the solutions for a short term of time stated by presidential candidates.

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican John McCain are in favour of suspending the fuel tax, and at the same time they promote the possibility to create a tribute on additional incomes of oil companies to foster price reduction, an idea in which they are supported by Democrat aspirant Barack Obama.

Bush said one of the ways to help people is through fiscal cuts, which started last week, and Democrats regard as insufficient.

Meanwhile, the increase of the oil price, which grew 74 percent in the last year at world level, affects more families each time in the US.