Iran calls on Group 5+1 to give up precondition for nuclear talks


Tenran : Iran has called on the Group 5 1 to give up precondition for talks on the dispute over Iran’s nuclear programme.

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Head of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Borujerdi said Tuesday that members of the Group 5 1 should withdraw their demand on suspension of nuclear enrichment if they wanted to make a breakthrough in nuclear talks.

Boroujerdi made the remarks commenting on a recent call by the G5 1 for suspension of uranium enrichment as a precondition to resume nuclear talks.

“The main problem with the package of incentives of the Western countries put forward in London was that they still insist on the precondition which is not acceptable for Iran,” he said.

He added the present deadlock on Iran’s nuclear talks with Western states would end when they withdraw their precondition.

Tehran has repeatedly announced it would not accept any precondition for resumption of nuclear talks with the West.

Asked about the tone of the London package, Borujerdi said that there was no evidence that the West was adopting a tougher attitude for dealing with Iran.

As for Tehran’s package to offer a breakthrough for the world community, Borujerdi said the package would “in the near future be officially made public for those it concerns, the members of the Group 5 1.”

The MP added that Iran’s package of proposals “includes nuclear and non-nuclear issues as well as major regional developments, economic cooperation and long-term projects that could be carried out by Western countries in cooperation with the developing nations.”