Nandigram tensions media creation, says Bhattacharjee


Kolkata : The pre-poll tension at Nandigram in Midnapore district of West Bengal is a result of media exaggeration, said Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee Tuesday.

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“Some electronic and print media are exaggerating minor conflicts and incidents at Nandigram in a big way. This is misleading the people there, and being frightened about their safety, people are rioting against the government,” Bhattacharjee told reporters at Writers’ Buildings.

“Nandigram has become a victim of rumours, and being hypersensitive is quick to react,”the chief minister said.

“After much trouble and efforts, we have been able to control the agitation at Nandigram. People have also started believing and supporting us. But the situation is not completely under control. At this point, a single rumour can disrupt the entire scenario,” he said.

“I have always stood by the people of Nandigram. Everyday I keep track of the goings on there. And hence can say that the so-called pre-poll tension is 90 percent made up story of the media. Minor conflicts occur across the state every day. There is no need to focus particularly at Nandigram. This misleads people and makes situation worse for the government.”

“I have repeatedly asked all political parties to come together, discuss and sort out any problem at Nandigram as soon as they take place,” said Bhattacharjee.

West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee president and Union Minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi Tuesday sent written appeals to Bhattacharjee and Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi to defer the panchayat polls in Nandigram.

“We are not against polls. But keeping in mind the increasing tension and violence in Nandigram, we have appealed to the government to defer the election date,” Dasmunsi said at a press conference.

The panchayat polls at Nandigram are to be held Sunday.

There are about 1,76,000 voters at the two blocks in Nandigram.