‘Modi could have saved my mother’s life’


Ahmedabad : Bhagwatiben Patel, a teacher harassed by school authorities, ended her life Monday after she addressed a letter to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi detailing her complaints. Two days later, her daughter said Modi could have saved her life.

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“My mother died on Monday and so far Modi has not deemed it fit to contact us,” said an inconsolable Vibha Patel, 18.

Vibha said the culprit, Dinesh Patel who is one of the administrators of the school where Bhagwatiben taught, had boasted he had high connections and it took two days for the drama of his surrender at the Sabarmati police station.

“All I want is justice for my mother. She took the extreme step only to prove that she was right. Had Modi wanted, he could have saved my mother’s life,” Vibha told IANS here Wednesday.

“As long as people support us, despite the negative role of the police, I am sure justice will be done.”

Bhagwatiben, a 40-year-old class IV teacher, Monday morning consumed a poisonous substance. She complained in a letter to Modi, faxed Saturday, that she was being harassed by Nav Chetan School trustee Dinesh Patel.

Vibha said she had an acknowledgment of that fax being received by the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO). Moments before her death she again wrote a letter to Modi.

“A trustee of my school has been harassing me and many other women staffers. He often makes indecent proposals and sexual demands. Since I turned down his demands he has sacked me,” lamented Bhagwatiben in her letter to Modi which remained unposted and was almost similar to one that was faxed, said Vibha.

Sabarmati police said Patel was taken into custody and a case was filed. He will be produced in a court Thursday.