Fed with fish leftovers, okra plant grows 16-foot tall


Lucknow : It’s a vegetable that has grown on a non-vegetarian diet of fish leftovers. And how it has grown! The 16-foot-long okra plant grown by a city resident is all set to enter the record books.

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Having already crossed 16 feet, the okra plant is still growing. The ladyfinger itself is nine inches long.

An average okra plant is between two and three feet tall.

This unique okra plant has been grown by city resident Akhil Sircar in his garden.

Sircar is confident that his “16-foot wonder” would give him a place in the upcoming issue of the Limca Book of Records.

“Making it to the Limca Book will surely be quite exciting. I have already sent my entry to the Limca Book officials,” Sircar told IANS.

According to him, the current record in the Limca Book for the tallest okra plant is 12 feet.

“Limca Book officials have already told me that my entry has been accepted and could get a place in the record book,” Sircar said.

Sircar, who is a dealer in paper products, believes that fish leftovers used as organic fertiliser has made the difference.

“Although no special measures were taken to grow this okra plant, I ensured that the plant got its regular ‘organic diet’ in the form of non-edible parts of fish,” said Sircar, who lives in the Charbagh locality in Lucknow.

Sircar, who has taken up horticulture as a hobby in recent years, recalled that he started to use fish leftovers for the plant in April, and the result was monstrous.