Bolivia orders US enforcement agency out of country

By Prensa Latina,

La Paz (Bolivia : Bolivia Wednesday asked the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to leave the country in three months, accusing it of subversion.

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The leftist government of Evo Morales said it has asked the DEA to leave the country after conclusive proof that the US agency was interfering in the country’s internal affairs.

The government accused DEA personnel of plotting and seizing of airports like that in Riberalta.

Morales said that so far, more than 25 tons of cocaine were confiscated in 2008, as proof of the efforts by his nation to fight drug trafficking indicating that the country can fight drug trafficking on its own.

Washington dismissed the accusations as “absurd” and warned that the Bolivian government’s step would only lead to increased violence and drug trafficking in the country.

Morales said DEA officials were involved in disrupting government activities during the unrest in September by “funding civic leaders with the aim of sabotaging airports in eastern Bolivia and to prevent visits from (government) officials.”

“We reject the accusation that DEA or any other part of the US government supported the opposition or conspired against the Bolivian government,” US State Department said.