Gaza Launches Rockets against Israel

By Prensa Latina,

Gaza : Palestinian activists launched about 20 rockets against Israel, apparently without causing victims, in response to an air raid of that country Tuesday that killed six people and wounded three.

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The media reported in this city that projectiles hit the Israeli southern erea a few hours after six Palestinians died in an Israeli military attack to a coastal zone.

The attack has been the most serious since last June, when Tel Aviv signed a truce with Egypt as mediator, with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), which has been ruling in Gaza for a year and a half.

Air raids, Israeli artillery shots, Palestinian rocket launches and land shootings characterized Tuesday’s night clashes in the Strip, near the border.

The TV and Radio said the Israelis tried to destroy a tunnel of about 984 feet with shells that they thought were being used by Palestinians to kidnap the enemy soldier that has prompted the Strip residents’ reaction.

A Hamas spokesman confirmed the shooting and promised revenge in his web site, stating that the response would he hard and the enemy would pay a huge price for the death of Palestinians, including a woman.