Obama supports strategic ties with India, not outsourcing


Washington : US President-elect Barack Obama is a solid supporter of the growing Indo-US strategic partnership and backs the landmark bilateral nuclear deal, but has strong views about outsourcing of US jobs overseas, a cause of concern for Indian businesses.

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The 47-year-old, elected as the first black President of the US, is said to have a close affinity with things Indian. He carries a miniature figure of Lord Hanuman for luck and had a picture of Mahatma Gandhi placed in his Senate office.

In a message of India’s 62nd Independence Day, Obama had said Gandhi’s active role in India’s independence movement has “inspired generations of young people around the world to pursue freedom in their own countries.”

“As freedom faces challenges in many parts of the world, his (Gandhi’s) example is even more relevant. This enduring legacy is one of the great gifts of India’s revolution,” Obama had said.

He felt that it was “only natural” that the world’s oldest and largest constitutional democracies should enjoy “strong relations”. America and India share many common goals and interests and the US is New Delhi’s largest trading and investment partner, Obama had noted.

“With India, America has one of its most important relationships in an uncertain world…Both countries, India and America, are working to protect their people and values of 21st century threats while at the same time respecting the rule of law and cultural pluralism,” the African-American leader said.

Obama initially had reservations about the Indo-US nuclear deal and had even introduced a ‘killer amendment’ when the deal was first debated in the Foreign Relations Committee, but later backed it strongly both in the floor of Senate and outside.