Rs.4 mn and a public apology – the cost of a divorce!


New Delhi : A whopping Rs.4 million and a public apology to community elders – that is what a Delhi-based man has agreed to before the Supreme Court for divorcing his wife.

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A bench of Justice Arijit Pasayat and Justice Mukundakam Sharma gave their approval to the terms of mutual settlement for divorce to estranged couple, Shilpa and Abhinav Gupta. The ruling was delivered Friday but released later.

The estranged couple reached the agreement before an apex court-organised Lok Adalalt on Sep 6 this year. The court gave its formal approval to it on Friday.

The two also agreed not to follow up on the slew of criminal cases they had slapped against each other earlier.

According to the terms of settlement, Abhinav and his father Ashok Gupta will pay Rs.4 million within two months through demand draft drawn in the name of Shilpa and payable at Bhiwani.

Abhinav, his parents, his brother and sister-in-law and his two maternal uncles would collectively appear before the Aggarwal Sabha and apologise for the alleged wrongs done to Shilpa. The couple are from the Aggarwal community.

In case any of the seven people fail to appear before the Sabha, Shilpa would have the freedom to revive her complaint, the apex court ruled.

The marriage betweenAbhinav and Shilpa would be dissolved by mutual consent and all criminal cases/complaints filed by both would be quashed.

The apex court verdict contained bare minimum details about the couple. Counsel P.N. Puri for Abhinav and his parents refused to elaborate on the dispute between the couple.

Puri also refused to comment on the reasons that led Abhinav to agree to pay the huge amount to his estranged wife.