UAE voices its concern in UN session over non-delivery of its aid to Palestinians


New York : The United Arab Emirates has condemned Israel’s continuous policy of siege and closure in the Occupied Palestinian Territories as the main cause behind the unprecedented deterioration in the humanitarian economic and social situation in Palestine.

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The UAE voiced grave concern over obstacles set by Israel in the way of delivery of its humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians.

”This policy has contributed to aggravating deprivation and stalling the ongoing political process between the Palestinian and Israeli parties,” said Ambassador Ahmed A. Al-Jarman, the Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations, in a statement to the UN General Assembly session on the Question of Palestine.

The UAE called on the international community to provide necessary protection to the Palestinian people and double humanitarian and development aid to the Palestinian National Authority.

”Continuous silence and inability of the international community towards these violations have spurred the Israeli government to go too far in its hostile policy in the region and its insistence to impose the fait accompli policy at the expense of the rights and future of the Palestinian people,” he said.

”The UAE pledges to deliver all kinds of economic, humanitarian and relief assistance to the Palestinians to help them overcome circumstances born out of the occupation and ease their suffering,” he added.