Syria supports UNRWA”s aid to Palestinian refugees – official


Damascus : Syrian Information Minister Muhsin Bilal has underscored his country’s support for boosting the Palestinians’ national unity to cope with hard living circumstances.

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The Palestinian people are going through tragic conditions due to the Israeli inhuman policy of killing, displacement and destruction that contradicts all the moral values and international conventions, said Bilal, in remarks published on Wednesday by the daily, “Al-Ba’ath.” The newspaper said the minister underscored to the Commissioner-General the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), Karen Abu Zayd, his country’s support for the 500,000 Palestinian refugees residing on Syrian territories.

Bilal asserted their right of return to their homeland, as cofnirmed by international legislations and the United Nation (UN) resolution 194, hailing the supportive role of Abu Zayd, who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the Palestinians, particularly those under the Israeli-imposed siege.

On his part, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Faisal Al-Meqdad discussed with Bilal recent developments in the Palestinian territories and the UNRWA role in improving the Palestinians’ living conditions.

Abu Zayed lauded cooperation between the UNRWA and the Syrian government for providing all needed facilities to facilitate the organization’s tasks.

She discussed in her meeting with Bilal means to help the Palestinian refugees and the UNRWA with regard of implementing its various humanitarian programs in Syria.

The UNRWA official visit to the country was also aimed at opening a number of schools in urban regions and examining UNRWA programs and activities, aimed at upgrading Palestinian workers’ skills.