US: Dems and GOP Fighting for Female Vote

By Prensa Latina,

Washington : The vote of women has become a crucial topic for the Republican (Grand Old) and Democrat Parties for the November 4 general elections in the US, said local newspaper The Washington Post Saturday.

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As an example of this policy, Republican presidential candidate John McCain selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, a woman, as his electoral formula partner, The Washington Post said.

This proposal gave hope to Republican conservatives, who are expecting to attract the vote of women, traditionally Democrat followers.

However the plans of the GOP might not come true. Palin is a harsh critic of abortion and defends firearms possession in the hands of US citizens.

On her part, though she could not beat Barack Obama for the Democrat presidential candidature, Hillary Clinton is still a very important figure to reach a full support of Democrats for Obama.

According to the last poll by The Post and TV network ABC, 55 percent of women will vote for Obama and 37 percent for McCain.

Sarah Palin became the first woman being a part of a Republican electoral formula.

In 1984, Geraldine Ferraro was elected as electoral partner for Democrat Walter Mondale, who was later defeated by Ronald Reagan.