Pakistan to restructure ISI


Islamabad : Pakistan has decided to restructure its Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency, which is often accused of functioning as a state within a state, to make it more efficient and vibrant.

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“The effort that is already underway would bring energetic and more dedicated personnel into the fold of the agency who could live up to the challenges of the modern age,” The News said Wednesday.

As part of the effort, 32 officers of the rank of brigadier and colonel have been retired “and it is expected that other officers who have not proved their utility would be shown the door further down the line in the months to come”, the newspaper said.

The agency is also being trimmed in the manner the army was restructured three years ago without compromising its operational capabilities.

Well placed sources in the defence ministry told The News that the ISI had expanded in recent years out of proportion, especially because officers who on the verge of superannuation joined the agency and subsequently managed to stay on.

“The practice expanded the agency in terms of numbers without enhancing its tangible capacity,” the sources said.

Thus various departments of the agency were asked for a status report on officers who had attained the age of superannuation but were still working with it but without putting in anything useful. Since such officers were a burden on the organisation, it was decided they should be asked to immediately leave, the sources added.

The retrenchment process will continue for at least two more years.