Economic cmte. holds meetings at Arab League


CAIRO : The Arab League’s Economic and Social Council committee held meetings on Sunday headed by Syrian Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade, Dr.Ghassan Habash with the participation of representatives of Arab ministries.

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The meetings come within the framework of preparations for the 83rd Economic and Social Council ministerial meetings, scheduled next Thursday in Cairo.

Dr.Habash told the press after the meeting that the committee discussed for the past two days, several economic issues, including the economic and social file to be presented to the Arab Summit in Doha next month, as Arab Ministers of Finance and Economy, members of the Economic Council will hold a preparatory meeting for the summit next month.

The meeting aim at reviewing the economic and social file that will be presented to the summit, which includes implementation of resolutions set during the Economic Summit hosted by Kuwait last month.

Dr.Habash highlighted that the council meetings would follow-up discussions on the Arab free trade zone, adding that the committee meetings discussed reform laws of the Arab investment court, and looked into the Arab Ministerial Council for Water project.

Meanwhile, Head of the Egyptian delegation, Minister of Industry and Trade Advisor, Said Al-Bouhi said that the committee discussed several issues dealing with Arab economic work, including the free trade zone, and implementation of resolutions set by the Arab Economic Summit in Kuwait.

The Kuwaiti delegation to the preparatory meeting for the meetings was headed by the Assistant Undersecretary for Services’ Affairs at the Ministry of Finance and Assistant Undersecretary for Economic Affairs, Nabil Al-Abduljaleel. (end) KUNA 081757 Feb 09NNNN