No compensation yet to Gopalganj victims, Muslims still frightened

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

New Delhi: Even four days after the violence hit Pathan Toli and other areas under Barauli Police Station in Gopalganj district of Bihar which saw burning of a madrasa and dozens of homes of Muslims, some Muslim villages there still remain in fear.

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Some villagers told that many Muslim men have gone into hiding for fear of police atrocities as policemen are reportedly barging into Muslim homes and even abusing and misbehaving with Muslim women. It is interesting to note that thousands of idol processionists defying the administration’s instructions took out idol immersion procession through the area never used for that purpose in the very presence of senior police and civil administration of the Gopalganj district, and put on fire Madrasa Insaful Uloom and several Muslim homes. But Muslims themselves are being arrested.

Madrasa Insaful Uloom after it was burned

Shah Alam of Pathan Toli told TCN situation is returning to normal but as the police are conducting raids in his village which has about 100 Muslim homes, several Muslim men who have been falsely implicated in violence cases by Hindus have gone into hiding. He himself is in hiding. Six Muslims have been arrested from Pathan Toli.

“Police are intruding into Muslim homes and using filthy language at Muslim women and misbehaving with them,” he said on phone. Both communities have filed FIRs but he doesn’t know whether people from other communities have also been arrested.

Senior police officers including SP and DM are camping in the area while CRPF and RAF jawans are patrolling the area.

One FIR has been filed on behalf of the the madrasa which was put on fire by the miscreants and some by FIRs by those whose homes were destroyed. Shah Alam said no state minister or officer has so far visited the area to take stock of the destruction of Muslim properties. Muslims were not involved in arson and loot, yet they are being arrested, he said.

Some RJD leaders including Sadhu Yadav and Ram Kirpal Yadav visited the village yesterday and gave Rs 250, 25 kg wheat and a blanket to each of the affected families. In total 30-35 huts were put on fire, among them 8 are in Pathan Toli.

Maulana Insaf, director, Madrasa Insaful Uloom told TCN that 12-15 people have been arrested from both sides. He said idol processionists put on fire the madrasa and huts and mosque but Muslims are also being arrested along with them. No Muslim was involved in violence, he said. Hindus have also filed FIRs in which some Muslims have been made accused.

The state government has so far not made any announcement about compensation to the madrasa and other victims. No minister has so far visited. Some RJD leaders including Sadhu Yadav and Ram Kirpal Yadav visited the madrasa yesterday. Maulana Insaf has filed an FIR against those who put on fire the madrasa. One or two persons of them have been arrested, the maulana said.