Bharat Rang Mahotsav promises 63 plays in 12 days


New Delhi : The 11th Bharat Rang Mahotsav, marking the 51st year of the National School of Drama (NSD), will open here Jan 7 and promises to be a theatre afficianado’s delight – with 63 plays over 12 days. The focus this year will be two-pronged – contemporary plays and a journey into the past.

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The festival will be inaugurated by secretary of culture Jawhar Sircar and stage and cinema veteran Zohra Sehgal will be the guest of honour. The event is set to open with “Awagha Rang Ekachi Zaala (Marathi)” directed by Ashok Samel at the Kamai Auditorium here.

The Marathi play narrates the story of Appa Velankar, a well-known ‘kirtankaar’, and his family. It also highlights the rich culture and music of the ‘kirtan’ form as juxtaposed against current musical trends.

“The 12-day festival will stage 63 plays of which 12 will be from abroad and 51 from the country. The foreign representation will include troupes from Afghanistan, Japan, Bangladesh, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Israel, Pakistan and Nepal,” Anuradha Kapur, director of the National School of Drama, said a press conference Friday.

Eighteen of these plays will go to the Lucknow Rang Mahotsav.

The Rang Mahotsav began a decade ago to contribute to the growth and development of theatre across the country. The festival, which began as an essentially Indian showcase, has now grown into an international platform catering to theatre companies across the world.

“This time, we are getting all kinds of theatre, including political theatre and revisiting old classics as well as showcasing contemporary movements,” said Amal Allana, chairperson of the National School of Drama.

The plays included in the festival are collaborative works based on rich texts, adaptations and also plays developed through training and workshops. The festival will also include ‘Rakto Korobi’ advised by theatre legend Badal Sircar, an adaptation of ‘Dakghar’ and a remake of the love story ‘Laila Majnu’.