Delhi saw more murders in 2008, many on petty issues


New Delhi : The number of murders in the national capital last year rose as compared to 2007, and many of these were for as petty reasons as tying a goat before the neighbour’s house, not being served papad at a restaurant, and even a quarrel while playing ‘gully-danda’, Delhi Police Commissioner Y.S. Dadwal Friday said.

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A sizable number of the murders was for flimsy reasons such as:

· Over tying a goat in front of the neighbour’s house;
· Dhaba owner (roadside eatery) shot because he refused to serve food after closure;
· Not served papad in restaurant – went to kitchen and shot cook;
· One dancer shot another over the choice of music during a ceremony;
· Quarrel over a minor issue during a drinking session;
· One security guard killed another for coming late to relieve him from duty;
· Quarrel while playing ‘gully-danda’;
· Over refusing to sell milk;
· Two cases related to denial of money by cousin and friend for purchasing liquor;
· House-owner brutally beaten to death by a passerby for objecting to his urinating in front of the house;
· Dhaba owner killed because water fell on clothes of accused;
· Asked to return Rs.250, borrower killed the lender;
· Man killed sister-in-law because his shirt was not washed;
· Argument in cricket match between teenagers led to assault and killing with a bat;
· Celebratory firing of shots in a marriage procession;
· Refused a glass of water, labourer beat co-worker to death;
· Cook killed a worker when he tried to take tiffin for eating outside;
· A double murder took place over placing a ladder;
· When wife objected to husband’s affair, he killed wife, mother and father in succession.

In 2008, 518 murder cases were registered against 467 cases in 2007.

“An analysis of the motive of murder cases reveals that 17 percent were due to sudden provocation on trivial issues, eight percent were due to old enmity, 16 percent were passion-triggered, nine percent were due to differences among family members and 11 percent were due to disputes over property/money matters,” Dadwal said here at his annual press meet.

The commissioner attributed crime in Delhi to a variety of factors like – size and heterogeneous nature of population, unplanned urbanisation with a substantial number of people living in slums, disparities in income, and unemployment/under employment, relocation of industries and connected problems.

“The impact of the mass media and the umpteen advertisements which sell a lifestyle that many want but cannot afford, the anonymity factor which encourages deviant behaviour were among the other factors,” he added.