Double blade bats set for debut in Australia’s T20


Sydney : New South Wales (NSW) batsman David Warner and Aiden Blizzard of Victoria will use the double blade bats for the first time in Australia’s Twenty20 tournament.

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Warner, who recently signed a contract for over $250,000 with Indian Premier League (IPL) team Delhi Daredevils, tried the new bat in the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) nets for the first time Sunday and will unveil it in the Twenty20 match against South Australia at Adelaide Oval Tuesday. Blizzard will use it for Victoria against Western Australia (WA) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Thursday.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported Monday quoting one of the manufacturers of the bat that the design is legal but will give an extra edge to the batsman.

The option of using the back of the bat to reverse sweep or reach forward and “lap” a ball over their shoulder will give innovative batsmen such as Warner more time when playing shots. But the batsman does not believe it will change the balance between bat and ball.

“Generally when I’m playing the reverse I’m swapping hands, and now I don’t really have to so it’s going to be better. It gives you a couple of extra seconds,” Warner was quoted as saying by the daily. “If people think it’s going to be an advantage to batsmen, I have to disagree.”

“The person who is using the timber is in control, so I just see it as another shot for other people to try as well. Everyone is trying it these days, especially in Twenty20, so why not have the back of the bat flat as well? It makes it easier, but it’s not a real advantage. You’ve still got to play the shot,” he said.