Hamas rejects long-term truce with Israel

By Xinhua,

Gaza : Hamas movement’s leaders Sunday rejected a long-term ceasefire agreement with Israel, saying that only a ceasefire for a limited period of time was acceptable.

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Ismail Radwan, a senior Hamas leader in Gaza, told reporters here that the Hamas delegation heading to Cairo was “not to agree on a long-term ceasefire, but to discuss the reinforcing of the truce between Israel and Gaza factions.”

“The talks in Cairo aim at reaching a limited ceasefire that doesn’t exceed one year, then we can re-discuss it before it ends,” Radwan said, adding that “reopening the crossings and rebuilding Gaza will be issues to be discussed.”

“We won’t accept a long term truce that kills the armed resistance, because resistance is a legal right for the Palestinian people as long as there is an occupation,” he added.

A Hamas delegation arrived in Cairo Friday for talks with senior Egyptian officials to discuss the renewal of a truce with Israel. Other Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) factions also arrived in Cairo Sunday.

“We won’t accept less than reopening all the border crossing points between Gaza and Israel and also Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza. Simply we won’t accept a truce that doesn’t end the (Israeli) aggression,” said Radwan.