UPA government ‘paralysed and directionless’: BJP


New Delhi : Terming the Congress-led UPA government as “paralysed and directionless”, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said Tuesday that it had done “nothing concrete” about the 26/11 Mumbai attacks despite clinching evidence and the time for a “war of words” with Pakistan was over.

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Describing the 26/11 terror strike as an “open war on India”, BJP president Rajnath Singh said “this should be dealt with in the same spirit”.

“However, despite clinching evidence about Pakistan’s role in this attack, nothing concrete has emerged over the last two months. All that we witness is a cacophony of confusing and often conflicting statements emanating from various responsible quarters of the UPA government. The time for a war of words is over. The time is now for action,” he said.

“Today the country is going through a difficult phase because we have a paralysed and directionless government at the centre for over four and half years. The pathetic performance of the government has created an unprecedented situation of chaos in critical areas of governance,” Rajnath said.

“Be it the continuous acts of foreign sponsored terrorism and a vitiated atmosphere of internal security, economic downslide, problems in agricultural sector and farmers suicides, and rising unemployment especially in the unorganised sector, the Congress led UPA government has lacked in both ideas and initiative to find solutions to any problem,” he said in a statement issued from Bangalore.

“India today appears to be on the brink of what might be a protracted recession. Over the last few months the so called economic boom bubble of the UPA government has literally burst,” he said.

With every passing day the problems facing the nation are scaling upwards.

Referring to the Congress party slogan, he said: “The much touted ‘Congress Ka Haath Aam Admi ke Sath’, clearly shows the Congress has only made illusionary promises and delivered nothing.”

“With the Lok Sabha elections round the corner, one should not be surprised if the Congress dumps its Aam Admi plank and coins yet another slogan to confuse another section of society,” he said.

Singh said the party was confident that the people would “completely reject the directionless UPA government” and “elect a responsive NDA government” at the centre in the Lok Sabha elections slated April-May.

“In the six years of NDA rule we have displayed to the entire nation that we indeed can solve the problems facing the country and in L.K. Advaniji we have a prime ministerial candidate with the experience to do so,” he said.