Mexican hit man who dissolved 300 bodies in acid inspires songs


Mexico City : The story of a killer-for-hire who over a nine-year career dissolved in acid the bodies of 300 victims has already inspired two songs, the Mexican press has reported.

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Portions of the songs, entitled “El Cocinero” (The cook) and “El corrido a Santiago Meza” (The ballad of Santiago Meza) were broadcast Wednesday on Radio Formula, EFE reported.

Authorities have arrested Santiago Meza, nicknamed “El Pozolero” because he dissolved the bodies as if he were cooking “pozole,” a stew made with corn and pork.

Meza admitted that he used baths of acid to dissolve about 300 bodies on the orders of Teodoro Eduardo Garcia Simental, alias “El Teo”, a member of the Arellano Felix drug cartel, for a salary of $600 a week.

“El Cocinero” is performed by the group Explosion Norteña and “El corrido a Santiago Meza” was written by Fidel Rueda.

“Narcocorridos” (narco ballads) are part of a musical genre that, according to Mexican authorities, tells stories about and glorifies the deeds and love affairs of various individuals linked to drug trafficking.

It is said that the drug kingpins pay large sums of money to the balladeers for the songs they write about them, and it’s estimated that since 1992 more than a dozen singers specialising in narcocorridos have been killed at the hands of drug traffickers.

Among them are cases that have shocked Mexican society, including those of Valentin Elizalde and Sergio Gomez, the latter a singer with the group K-Paz de la Sierra, whose murder will in the near future be the subject of a movie.