‘Large-scale migration cause of social tensions in India’


Panaji : Social tensions arising due to large-scale migration from less developed to better developed regions of India rank high on the list of concerns of the Commission on Centre-State Relations, says the body’s chairman and former chief justice of India Madan Mohan Punchhi.

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Punchhi is chairing the commission’s two-day consultation in the western region, that began here Monday.

The Goa session, which is the sixth such deliberation organised by the commission, is being attended by senior government officials from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Goa and representatives of civil society.

“Regional imbalances in economic development have resulted in large-scale migrations in search of employment and better quality of life,” Punchhi stated.

“The effects of seasonal semi-permanent and permanent migration gives rise to a number of issues which need to be addressed. They encompass economic, social as well as constitutional and require sensitive approach.”

In its earlier consultative sessions, the commission has deliberated on a wide range of issues from Maoist insurgency, functioning of rural and urban local bodies, to natural resources and the environment.

The current session will also deal with centre-state relations revolving around mega projects, stakeholders’ participation in such projects, land acquisition and rehabilitation.

“Inclusive growth of economy envisaged under the national plans can be achieved only through centre-state cooperation, efficient institutional mechanisms coupled with stakeholder participation and addressing the critical issues in land acquisition and rehabilitation of project-affected people,” Punchhi said.

Harmonious centre-state relations were of significance considering that “the fast growth of economy had placed increasing emphasis on infrastructure projects in areas such as energy, communications, railways, roads, airports, irrigation, etc”, he added.

Punchhi said the last two decades had witnessed significant development in the political, economic and social fields necessitating a re-look at the inter-relationship between the centre and the states.

The commission was set up in April 2007.