Slain professor’s son fights for justice in cyberspace


New Delhi : “Yesterday it was Jessica Lal, today it is Professor Sabharwal, tomorrow it could be you” – so goes the first line of a networking platform created by the slain professor’s son in the cyberspace, urging people to join him in his fight for justice.

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H.S. Sabharwal of Ujjain’s Madhav College was brutally assaulted in the college campus in August 2006 and he later succumbed to his injuries. The attack was telecast live on several television channels.

The six attackers of Sabharwal, said to be activists of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) – the students wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) – were acquitted by a court in Maharashtra Monday on grounds of lack of evidence against them.

Sabharwal’s son Himanshu, who doggedly pursued the case through three years, has, however, refused to give up now – taking it to the virtual world and garnering support from all quarters.

“Justice for Professor Sabharwal” as the Facebook profile reads, has a whole lot of comments from other teachers of the college, students and citizens on the page.

“It’s high time that political goondaism begins to be wiped off from political scene on every level. And the call for it cannot come at a more important time than this when a professor gets murdered due to it,” read one post by a supporter, Sumit.

“I have always wanted to stand for a cause and I believe nothing can be more appropriate than this to raise your voice for. If today a teacher gets slain by these youth politicians, then what’s next? Is this what Indian youth signifies – cold blooded murder?” it added.

Rachna, another supporter, said: “It was brutal, inhuman. Being in the same fraternity (teachers) I now feel scared to be on examination duty and to check on cheating. So I appeal to the students to come forward and join hands to fight against such evils.”

An overwhelmed Himanshu replied to the posts, saying: “Thank you friends, for showing this support. It is a dangerous trend in our system. We must protest against this political-goonda nexus and ensure that the common man is not treated like an insect.”