Haj pilgrims can pay first installment of expenses by June 10

By TwoCircles.net Staff Correspondent,

Mumbai: Around 16,000 Haj pilgrims, who could not deposit the first installment of the expenses to be incurred on their pilgrimage by the deadline May 31, will heave a sigh of relief as the Haj Committee of India has extended it till June 10.

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The Haj pilgrims selected in the draw of lot for Haj 2009 were asked to deposit Rs 30,700, nearly 30% of the total expenses, in the State Bank of India by May 31. Owing to the model code of conduct during the Lok Sabha elections last month, there had been some delay in the draw of lot and therefore about 16,000 selected Haj pilgrims could not submit the amount by the deadline.

Each Haj pilgrim will have to pay the rest 70% of the expenses by August 31. A Haj from India in the lowest of the four categories will have to pay an estimated Rs 1, 00,000 while a Haji of the first category nearly Rs 1, 40,000.

Haj Committee of India will fix the exact amount after discussing it with state Haj committees in the meeting to be held June 8 and 10. Every Haji will be informed the same.