Chander Mohan makes appearance, lashes out at ex-wife


Panchkula (Haryana) : After remaining out of the public eye for months, former Haryana deputy chief minister Chander Mohan, who lost his job after he changed his religion to marry a lawyer, made a public appearance here Wednesday and said his ex-wife Fiza’s complaints are nothing more than “toilet paper”.

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“All her complaints are baseless and they hold no water. These complaints are nothing more than a toilet paper. You can easily judge the mentality of a woman who accuses her husband of rape,” Chand told reporters here at his residence.

Chander Mohan married Anuradha Bali after converting to Islam and took up name Chand Mohammed and Fiza, respectively. After a few months, he divorced Fiza over the phone.

Fiza, a lawyer herself, had filed a criminal complaint with Punjab Police against Chander Mohan in which she accused him of rape, defamation, cheating and of hurting her religious sentiments.

Chander Mohan said: “There should be no doubt on the legitimacy of my divorce given to Fiza. I had consulted many experienced lawyers before giving her a divorce. So let her say anything and she is free to approach any court in this regard.”

Fiza Monday had raised questions on the authenticity of divorce given to her by Chander Mohan contending that “Nobody recognizes the divorce given over the phone. Even the Muslim religion says that divorce is valid only if it is given in the presence of a Kazi (Muslim priest) and two sureties, who should be physically present there.”

Chander Mohan lost his high-profile job of deputy chief minister early December last year after he emerged from a 40-day hiding with a new name, religion and wife.

Reacting on Chander Mohan’s comments, Fiza said Wednesday: “I am not afraid of anyone and will certainly teach him a lesson. Just give me some time so that I can evaluate the situation properly.”